Mar. 29th, 2014

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So... I had every reason to be scared...
Gosh, at times like these, I hate being right.

Verdict of the scan and the doctor:
A partially ripped tendon in my shoulder. Though actually I'm still way to young to have that kind of injury. Now that statement helps alot... *sweatdrop*

So that means:
An operation. Whenever I have time for it or feel like it. o.O
A revalidation that will take at least half a year (and I will not be allowed to move that arm - not move that arm - for the first 6 weeks - 6 weeks! :-O - after the operation)
And... No more volley. Ever. :'( Probably no more volley - ever. But I'm being really pessimistic right now, so... :-(

I know this might seem a silly and stupid reason to be so upset, because, after all, after the operation, my shoulder shoud be pain-free again and I should be able to do most things again...
B-but... Volley means so f***ing much to me.. :-( I don't want to give that up. I don't want to have to stop... :-(

And then I'm not even sure what about jujitsu. Doctor didn't know if I could still do that after the operation. He thinks I probably will be able to still fight, but... He's not sure. And that is one things I sure as hell don't want to give up.

So yeah, little bit crushed here... :'(


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