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This is a Lint Roller post stolen from SWL at [community profile] rainbowfic .

So, I post 20 characters behind a cut. You look at them and ask them to tell you a secret. I in turn will then write a story about that secret, using your question as a prompt. It doesn't matter if you know the character or not, just ask them to tell you a secret. :-) 

Each character can only be chosen once. If you accidentally pick someone who's already taken, I will tell you and you can choose again.

1) Freya (circle never ends)
2) Nick (circle never ends)
3) Tina (circle never ends)
4) Ayame (circle never ends)
5) Nelly (memories once stolen)
6) Rafael (memories once stolen)
7) Caithlynn (shadows in the distance)
8) Frey (shadows in the distance)
9) Alan (shadows in the distance)
10) Taigiri (shadows in the distance)
11) Naigendra (shadows in the distance)
12) Simon (shadows in the distance)
13) Sarah (shadows in the distance)
14) Alex (memories once stolen)
15) Timmy (memories once stolen)
16) The unnamed King (memories once stolen)
17) Kayerith (shadows in the distance)
18) Liam (circle never ends)
19) Susan (circle never ends)
20) Tessa (shadows in the distance)

Date: 2013-08-05 09:43 am (UTC)
lhune: (hide)
From: [personal profile] lhune
Oooh, it's hard to pick..... *looks at the names again... and again...*
Alan, tell me a secret? Please? I won't tell Caithlynn about it.

This reminds me I haven't mailed you my reaction about the drabbles yet *Huge perle de sueur* You can expect them later today but I ca tell you I much enjoyed reading them. "No, there won't be a kitten under the tree" LOL

Date: 2013-08-05 08:01 pm (UTC)
lhune: (macaron)
From: [personal profile] lhune
First I was paining my brain for angsty questions but I ended up with the totally random ^___^

8) Frey, What's your favourite food?

9) Alan, do you have a nickname for your dragon?


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